International Scholar

Joseph F. Connolly, II enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at an early age.  Indeed, he completed his first enlistment before legally becoming an adult. 

As a Marine scout-observer, he served in 1963 with a specially trained Marine infantry unit, the first Marine ground unit to be assigned to duty in Vietnam.  It was, however, as a member of the United States Army Special Forces, commonly known as the “Green Berets”, that he was to find his military calling.

As a special forces operator, his professional military training includes, but is not limited to, unconventional warfare (including guerilla-, counter-guerilla-, resistance-, & political-warfare), psychological warfare, civil affairs, military medicine and nursing, airborne and pathfinder operations, ranger operations, amphibious operations, scout swimmer operations, and intelligence collection and analysis.

 During his thirty-plus years of military service to the nation, in addition to expeditionary service, he served on eight named military campaigns, before being medically retired as a result of his accumulated operational injuries.  Also during that service, he was honored with a number of United States and foreign awards and decorations.  Joseph is privileged to be one of a mere handful of men eligible to wear both the Combat Infantry Badge and the Combat Medical Badge.

His professional military education includes, but is not limited to:

Special Forces Operations & Intelligence Course.
Squadron Officer Course.
Air Command and Staff College

National Security Management Program, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University.