International Scholar

One of his current projects is to develop a martial arts rank and promotion system based upon the accepted American university format, and conversely, an undergraduate degree curriculum encompassing a traditional Oriental military art.  The purpose being to produce an accredited associate degree program, or a college minor, for students who would like to learn a traditional military art either for self-protection purposes or simply for developing a lifelong habit of physical and mental exercise, self-discipline, and study of the other Oriental arts and sciences taught in the traditional arts.

 Professor Connolly is also an active lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the field of unconventional warfare.

Professor Connolly is internationally recognized as a leader in the effort to have the traditional military arts recognized as a legitimate field of multi-disciplinary academic study and research.  For his leadership, he has been created a Fellow of the Society of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom, a professional society as recognized by Privy Council.  He is also a faculty member of the College of Higher Education of Martial Arts, Manchester, England.

 In the United States, Doctor Connolly had over twenty years experience as an adjunct faculty member at the community college, college, university, and federal academy levels, before accepting a position as the President of the Institute of Military Arts.  The Institute, which applies the term “military arts” in both its classical and contemporary sense, seeks to provide a virtual and physical campus to fulfill the unmet needs of the practitioners in identifiable client populations, non-government organizations, and governments for reality-based, technically sound, and professionally-provided instruction in the military arts and sciences.